TTN Wrapup

The Third Trip North (Ft Myers Beach FL to Plymouth MA) is now history. The salient statistics are:

  • 21 nights
  • 8 hops
  • 2,184 total miles
  • 1,672 tow miles
  • $1,117.63 campground fees ($53.22 per night)
  • $523.72 fuel and tolls ($23.81 per day)


  • Time with family in VA
  • China Lee Buffet in Ocala FL
  • Savannah South KOA
  • Angelo’s Steak and Pasta in Myrtle Beach SC
  • Scenic back roads in PA
  • Ancient Burying Ground in Hartford CT
  • Diesel fuel prices (under $2.50 per gallon except in PA)
  • No major dings


  • Verizon Wireless (replacing my router with an even less functional one)
  • Oak Tree Village in Ocala FL (a really nasty campground)
  • Weather (cold, dreary and wet from NC to MA)
  • A couple of minor dings (most notably the puncture of the front basement door)
  • Lots of disagreements between Google maps and GPS routes
  • I-84 in CT and US 6 in MA

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