Rain. Cold rain.

It is raining now. It has been raining steadily since midnight. The forecast is for an all-day rain. With a forecast high of 48.

It has rained nearly every day since we left Virginia. And it has been unseasonably cold, too. It is getting to us.

Jett yesterday: “Next year let’s come north later.”

That actually would fit well with our nascent plan to spend some time in Central America next winter.  We are committed to being in Florida for 6 months, starting in mid-November.  But it doesn’t have to be 6 consecutive months.  We could stay 4 months, go to Panama for a month, then return for 2 more months in Florida.  That would have us leaving Florida in late June.  It will be very warm in Florida then.  But it will also be warm all the way north.

Which sounds pretty good right now.

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