STE3 wrapup

STE3 Actual

STE3 Actual

By the numbers:

  • 9 hops
  • 16 nights
  • 1608 tow miles
  • 2103 truck miles
  • $687.65 in campground fees ($42.98 per night)

The actual route included two stops that differed from the plan and had some minor detours and changes in route, but otherwise went as planned.



  • Brownsville TX and the entire south Texas area.  I had high hopes for this area, both as a place to visit and as a place to spend a future winter.  But other than the rates, which were very low, we did not see any RV parks that we liked very much.  South Padre Island was a huge disappointment and neither Brownsville nor any of the nearby towns offered anything of interest.

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