Farewell to the Yaris



We bought the Yaris in Nov 2013, shortly after we arrived in Ft Myers for our first Florida winter. It had become obvious that Jett was not comfortable driving the truck, so another vehicle was necessary. We considered leasing and even renting, but decided that purchasing would be the most economical option.

We had the Yaris transported north and back south again in 2014 and 2016 (we didn’t come south in 2015). We transported it north one last time in April 2017, used it during our summer in New England and left it with Jett’s niece when we embarked on our trip west. We decided, early last fall, to sell it to her. The transaction was completed in Dec 2017.

So we owned it for just over 4 years. It served us well. It never had a major mechanical problem and got over 35 mpg. Jett loved to drive it. It was a pleasure to own and served us well.

I suspect that we will miss it. We are renting a brand new Nissan Versa for 3 months this winter. It is okay, but it not as much fun to drive as the Yaris. We may buy another car next year.

Probably a Yaris.

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