STE2 Hop 8: Austin TX to Rockport TX

STE2 Hop 8

212 miles via TX 620, TX 71, TX 210, US 183, TX 188 and some local roads, with a refueling stop. Cumulative tow miles: 1665. Truck miles: 367. Cumulative truck miles: 1930.

The refueling stop was unplanned and was due to remembering, too late – I was already hitched up – that […]

A visit from Liliani


I finally got to spend some time with my granddaughter, Liliani, on Saturday. It has been 10 months since I last saw her, which is certainly not because I didn’t want to see her; it was a negative consequence of our decision to wander around New England this summer. It wasn’t until we got […]

The 4th with family

Lucas Pond

The New England weather this summer has been… mixed. No, that is too kind. It has been crappy. It has been wet and it has been cold. The days with no rain at all have been scarce. We set a “record low high” on July 14 with a high of 66. Crappy.

But, […]

Plymouth by night

Plymouth Harbor

Lobster art

[On Saturday afternoon I visited Burial Hill again, looking for the elusive grave of Elizabeth Walker Warren, which I did not find. But I encountered some of Jett’s distant relatives who were also searching for her grave. We had a nice chat about her and about genealogy in general

Dinner […]

R.I.P. Grace (2001-2017)

Grace, ready to roll

Jett and I put our beloved Grace down yesterday. As always, it was a very difficult, heartbreaking decision. She wasn’t in pain, she wasn’t dying. But she wasn’t living, either. Life had became a constant trial for her. She never fully recovered from her first bout of vertigo in December […]

Dizzy dog, 2016

Dizzy dog with bread

There must be something about December in Florida that Grace does not like. It was just over a year ago, in early December 2015, that Grace had her first bout of vertigo. It wasn’t funny as I thought she way dying. But she recovered. Mostly. She has had some stability problems […]

Jett’s digestive issues

Jett will probably kill me for posting this, but it is an important topic that significantly affects our life on the road, so I think it should be covered.

Jett has, for many years, suffered from occasional bouts of pancreatitis. I am sure that she would want me to immediately point out that hers is […]


Christine as pontoon captain

Jett’s sisters, Sybil and Christine, came to visit us at Apple Island Resort. These are the 3 surviving sisters from the original 6. A lot of wine was downed, good food was consumed, cards were played and lots of friendly banter was exchanged. A good time was had by all, […]

Jett, American Princess – update

A while back I blogged about Jett’s amazing colonial lineage (Jett, American Princess). I have since completed a second round of research on her ancestors – all of which derive from her paternal great-grandfather (her paternal grandfather’s father), Elbridge Scribner Stone. Here are some salient statistics:

She has, through this great-grandfather, 268 known immigrant ancestors. […]

“The wheels are falling off this family”

Our revised STN itinerary included a full week in Massachusetts to deal with a number of family issues. The main “attraction” was Jett’s brother, George, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer less than 6 months ago and appeared to be close to death when we left Florida. He has undergone chemo and radiation […]