Retrospective on our 2017 travel experiences

We traveled a LOT in 2017. I have documented our day-to-day experiences under the labels of “Third Trip North” (TTN), “New England Tour” (NET), “Second Trip West” (STW) and “Second Trip East” (STE). From the time we left Florida (14 Apr 2017) to the time we returned (20 Nov 2017) – 220 days – the […]

Dining near Worcester

The clan at J&J

Yeah, we are in NY now, but I wanted to mention some of the places we ate at – both sit-down and takeout – while we were in Oakham. Because we had two exceptionally good meals and one exceptionally bad meal. I want to tell you about the great meals so […]

Spare tire

The spare tire on the truck is a form of insurance: you hope you will never need it, but just knowing it is there eases some worries. But, unlike insurance, you also have to make sure it is in shape to be used. This is a lesson that is usually learned the hard way, by […]

NET wrapup

Today is the last day of the New England Tour (NET). Time to look back.

By the numbers: 88 days in 8 different campgrounds. Towing miles: 471 over 7 hops. Cumulative truck miles: 4293. Campground fees: approximately $5,500 (about $62.50 per night). Yes, RV campsites in New England are expensive.


Seeing family. The NET […]

A visit from Liliani


I finally got to spend some time with my granddaughter, Liliani, on Saturday. It has been 10 months since I last saw her, which is certainly not because I didn’t want to see her; it was a negative consequence of our decision to wander around New England this summer. It wasn’t until we got […]

NET Hop 6: Northwood NH to Littleton MA

NET Hop 6

69 miles via NH 43, NH 101, I-93, I-495 (around Boston) and MA 3A. Cumulative tow miles: 431. Truck miles: 545. Cumulative truck miles: 2575.

This was a very easy, quick hop. I actually expected the traffic to be brutal as I thought many people would have been ending a week-long […]

Wells ME and the Maine coast

Sunset along Wells Beach

Cape Neddick Light

One of the main (Maine?) reasons for staying in Wells was to explore the area and, possibly, actually get to the beach. Unfortunately, Jett was a bit under the weather during our stay so we didn’t do as much exploring as we had hoped. I did get […]

NET Hop 5: Wells ME to Northwood NH

NET Hop 5

47 miles via US-1, I-95, US 4 and NH 43. Cumulative tow miles: 362. Truck miles: 426. Cumulative truck miles: 2030.

This wasn’t the shortest route, but it was the easiest route. The other routes involved some sharp turns and traversing dense residential areas. The chosen route was mostly 4-lane highway. […]

NET Hop 4: Bridgewater NH to Wells ME

NET Hop 4

84 miles via NH 3A, NH 104, NH 106, NH 11, NH 108, NH 236, ME 9 and ME 109. Cumulative tow miles: 315. Truck miles: 117. Cumulative truck miles: 1604.

On paper this should have been a quick, easy trip. Goolgle said it would take 2 hours and the roads, […]

NET Hop 3: Salisbury MA to Bridgewater NH

102 miles via US-1, NH 101, I-93.HN 104 and NH 3A. Cumulative tow miles: 231. Truck miles: 368. Cumulative truck miles: 1487.

This was an easy hop that took just under 2 hours. The most difficult part was US-1, which we took simply to avoid the toll (and the traffic) on I-95 entering NH. But […]