NET Hop 3: Salisbury MA to Bridgewater NH

102 miles via US-1, NH 101, I-93.HN 104 and NH 3A. Cumulative tow miles: 231. Truck miles: 368. Cumulative truck miles: 1487.

This was an easy hop that took just under 2 hours. The most difficult part was US-1, which we took simply to avoid the toll (and the traffic) on I-95 entering NH. But […]

Salisbury Beach State Reservation

The beach

I had an hour to kill yesterday while Jett was napping, so I decided to run down to the Salisbury Beach State Reservation – just a half-mile away – to take a peek. The place was packed over the weekend with traffic backed up a half mile trying to get into the […]

NET Hop 2: Foxboro MA to Salisbury MA

NET Hop 2

91 miles via US-1, I-495 (around Boston), US-1 (again) and US-1A. Cumulative tow miles: 129. Truck miles: 245. Cumulative truck miles: 1119.

This was an easy, short hop with all but about 10 miles being on I-495. The weather was good and the traffic was moderate. A piece of cake.

Jett […]

Big Papi sighting

Big Papi

On Wednesday, when the skies started to clear, I traveled to Wayland MA with the hope of participating in a pick-up game with other senior softball players – a weekly event of the Eastern Massachusetts Senior Softball League (EMASS). Well, not enough players showed up for a game, so I just got […]

NET Hop 1: Plymouth MA to Foxboro MA

NET Hop 1

38 miles via (mostly) US 44, I-495 (around Boston) and US 1. Cumulative tow miles: 38. Cumulative truck miles: 874.

Outside of the 3 GTW hops that were made to get the RV to/from the repair shop in San Jose (28, 31 and 19 miles, respectively), this was our shortest hop […]

Finding some of Jett’s early immigrant ancestors

Myles Standish grave

Priscilla Alden gravesite

John Alden gravesite

We came to Plymouth for 24 days with the intention of visiting some graveyards and cemeteries where some of Jett’s early immigrant ancestors. The incessant rain got in the way and we didn’t visit as many sites as I hoped we would, but […]

Pilgrim Hall

Lower hall

Portrait of Elizabeth Wensley

We were blessed with a break in the rain Wednesday (the only day this week that we haven’t been drenched) and used the “good” weather to venture into downtown Plymouth to visit Pilgrim Hall, a small museum celebrating the arrival of the Mayflower and the early history […]

Plymouth by night

Plymouth Harbor

Lobster art

[On Saturday afternoon I visited Burial Hill again, looking for the elusive grave of Elizabeth Walker Warren, which I did not find. But I encountered some of Jett’s distant relatives who were also searching for her grave. We had a nice chat about her and about genealogy in general

Dinner […]

Rain. Cold rain.

It is raining now. It has been raining steadily since midnight. The forecast is for an all-day rain. With a forecast high of 48.

It has rained nearly every day since we left Virginia. And it has been unseasonably cold, too. It is getting to us.

Jett yesterday: “Next year let’s come north later.”

That […]

Plymouth MA

Mayflower memorial

Yesterday I braved the 55-degree chill and drove to downtown Plymouth MA with the intent of searching for the graves of Jett’s Mayflower ancestors. Those who died in the horrible first winter are all buried on Coles Hill overlooking Plymouth harbor. But there are no headstones. It is not a traditional cemetery; it […]