Mt St Helens and Coldwater Lake

Mt St Helens

I first visited Mt St Helens about 2 weeks after the roads were reopened to the public following the disastrous 1980 blast that blew out the side of the mountain. I think that was probably 1981, about a year after the explosion. I recall a scene of utter devastation – millions of […]

STW3 Hop 6: Ellensburg WA to Castle Rock WA

STW3 Hop 6

206 miles via I-90, WA 18 and I-5. Cumulative tow miles: 965. Truck miles: 214. Cumulative truck miles: 1149.

This hop was only slightly more difficult in terms of navigation than the preceding two. Over half the trip was on I-90 and that segment involved some pretty significant climbs, including the […]

STW3 Hop 5: Post Falls ID to Ellensburg WA

STW3 Hop 5

202 miles via I-90 and local roads. Cumulative tow miles: 759. Truck miles: 224. Cumulative truck miles: 935.

Another very simple hop for the navigator. Pretty much follow I-90 west for 200 miles. The only hard part was finding our destination, which was a bit off the beaten track. But we made […]

STW3 Hop 4: Missoula MT to Post Falls ID

STW3 Hop 4

171 miles via I-90 and local roads. Cumulative tow miles: 557. Truck miles: 214. Cumulative truck miles: 711.

This was an easy trip for navigation: a couple of turns to get onto I-90, a couple of turns to get off of I-90. Otherwise, just follow I-90. However, the trip was preceded by […]

STW3 Hop 3: Ennis MT to Missoula MT

STW3 Hop 3

198 miles on US 287, MT 359, I-90 and US 93. Cumulative tow miles: 386. Truck miles: 208. Cumulative truck miles: 497.

This hop, except for the first 40 miles, was almost exclusively on I-90. We did make two stops: a rest area stop about 150 miles into the trip and […]

STW3 Hop 2: West Yellowstone MT to Ennis MT

75 miles via US 20, ID 87 and US 287. Cumulative tow miles: 189. Truck miles: 155. Cumulative truck miles: 289.

More than any other hop, this one felt like an emergency. It snowed 2″ last night, with the temperature dropping to 30 degrees. The forecast for tonight in West Yellowstone is for a low […]

Yellowstone National Park – part 2


On Tuesday I made a day trip into Yellowstone National Park (“part 1”) and on Wednesday we traveled east-to-west through the park with an aborted attempt to see Old Faithful. So yesterday – Thursday – I made a second day trip into Yellowstone with the primary purpose being to view Old Faithful.

It […]

STW3 Hop 1: Wapiti WY to West Yellowstone MT

STW3 Hop 1

134 miles via US 20 and US 191.

This was a short and simple (navigation-wise) hop that would have been even shorter and simpler had we not made a detour to see Old Faithful. Which, as it turned out, we didn’t see. Let me explain.

We originally planned to see Old […]

Yellowstone National Park – part 1

Sylvan Lake

We have been blessed with very fine weather on our STW – we have had mostly sunny, warm days. Great picture-taking days. But that is about to change. The forecast for the Yellowstone National Park area is for scattered thunderstorms today, rain tomorrow and rain and snow both Friday and Saturday. Yes, snow. […]

STW2 Hop 9: Garryowen MT to Wapiti WY

STW2 Hop 9

197 miles via I-90, US 212, US 310, MT 72 and US 14/16/20 with stops in Billings MT and Laurel MT. Cumulative tow miles: 1624. Truck miles: 237. Cumulative truck miles: 2166.

This hop was unusual in that we made two stops, not for refueling but for shopping. The first stop was […]