STE3 Hop 9: Sarasota FL to Naples FL

STE3 Hop 9

124 miles via I-75, FL 84 and US 41, with a slight detour near the Ft Myers airport. Cumulative tow miles: 1608. Truck miles: 128. Cumulative truck miles: 2103.

Thus endeth the Second Trip East (STE). The last hop was short and almost uneventful. The minor event was a stop to check […]

STE3 Hop 8: Cedar Key FL to Sarasota FL

184 miles via FL 24, US 98, I-75 and FL 780. Cumulative tow miles: 1484. Truck miles: 205. Cumulative truck miles: 1975.

STE3 Hop 8

Our penultimate hop (I love that word!). It was a 3-hour jaunt, the first half on US 98 and the second half on I-75. It is a route we have […]

STE3 Hop 7: Port Saint Joe FL to Cedar Key FL

STE3 Hop 7

217 miles via US 98, US 319, FL 345 and FL 24, with a refueling stop. Cumulative tow miles: 1300. Truck miles: 269. Cumulative truck miles: 1770.

Pelicans at sunset

Usually our refueling stops occur about 150 to 180 miles into the hop. This one occurred 24 miles into the hop. […]

STE3 Hop 6: Orange Beach AL to Port Saint Joe FL

STE3 Hop 6

176 miles via AL 161, AL 182, FL 292 and US 98. Cumulative tow miles: 1083. Truck miles: 281. Cumulative truck miles: 1501.

Shrimp and grits at The Diner

Jett hated this route. I chose it because it was mostly on US 98 which I liked a lot, based on my […]

TTN Hop 2: Ocala FL to Richmond Hill GA

TTN Hop 2

221 miles via I-75, US 301, I-10, I-295 (around Jacksonville), I-95, US 84 and US 17. Cumulative tow miles: 438

We have traveled most of this route before. Taking US 301 from Ocala to Jacksonville cuts off many miles from the I-75/I-10 route. It is a bit slower, perhaps, but not bad. […]

Ocala FL

Painted horse

We have stayed in the vicinity of Ocala several times before, but have never explored the city. This time I planned an extra day, just to give us time to look around. My tentative plan was to visit Silver Springs State Park and, perhaps, take one of their famous glass-bottomed boat tours. We […]

TTN Hop 1: Ft Myers Beach FL to Ocala FL

217 miles via I-75, FL 80, FL 31, US 17, US 98, US 301, I-75 (again) and US 27

TTN Hop 1

There are times when the Google map route and the GPS route just don’t jibe, for no apparent reason, and this was one of those times. Google very clearly preferred taking FL […]

Gulf Waters by night

Night lights

One of the many things I love about Gulf Waters is the way many of the owners illuminate their sites. There is a fun, festive feel about the place. It reminds me of my trip to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen many years ago.

Just one more thing that we will miss when we […]

EO Burgers

EO burger

After a forgettable meal in Fort Myers Beach, we returned to EO Burgers in the Bell Tower Shops mall in Ft Myers. We had dined there (yes, I use the term “dined” for a burger place) in the first few weeks of our stay, liked it very much, and wanted to return before […]

Fort Myers Beach

Times Square

Jett and I have been living in Ft Myers Beach for nearly 5 months now, but we don’t live on the beach. We have driven down the Estero Blvd – the only street that runs the length of the beach – but never actually saw the beach, walked the beach or dipped […]