STE3 wrapup

STE3 Actual

By the numbers:

9 hops 16 nights 1608 tow miles 2103 truck miles $687.65 in campground fees ($42.98 per night)

The actual route included two stops that differed from the plan and had some minor detours and changes in route, but otherwise went as planned.


The Johnson Space Center in Houston. […]

STE3 Hop 5: Waveland MS to Orange Beach AL

STE3 Hop 5

153 miles via US 90, MS 43, I-10, AL 59 and the Foley Beach Express. Cumulative miles: 907. Truck miles: 341. Cumulative truck miles: 1220.

We don’t normally go on toll roads, but in this case it seemed like a good thing to do: by paying a $4.25 toll to use the […]

STE3 Hop 4: Duson LA to Waveland MS

STE3 Hop 4

175 miles via I-10, I-12 and MS 607. Cumulative tow miles: 754. Truck miles: 176. Cumlative truck miles: 879.

This hop, like the others on I-10 and I-12, was rough. There were some pretty long stretches that felt like we were riding on railroad ties. But it was also interesting. It […]

QTN Hop 2: Biloxi, MS, to Roebuck, SC

We had no particular reason to pick Roebuck, SC, for my work week other than it was on the shortest route between Biloxi and Alexandria. And it was in South Carolina, which added another state to our map. It is about 15 miles from Spartanburg which is larger and better known. We will likely get […]


24 States

With our first night in Biloxi we added another state to our map, raising the total to 24. There are 48 contiguous states. You do the math.

QTN Hop 1: Fort Myers, FL, to Biloxi, MS

The Quick Trip North (QTN) won’t be quite as quick at the Quick Trip South (QTS). We are doing it in 3 weeks instead of the 2 that got us to Florida last November. But we are taking a longer route – Florida to Massachusetts via Mississippi – and there will be some very long […]