STE3 wrapup

STE3 Actual

By the numbers:

9 hops 16 nights 1608 tow miles 2103 truck miles $687.65 in campground fees ($42.98 per night)

The actual route included two stops that differed from the plan and had some minor detours and changes in route, but otherwise went as planned.


The Johnson Space Center in Houston. […]

New Orleans

St Louis Cathedral and Jackson Park

Jett at Cafe Soule

I don’t think any city was higher on my US Cities bucket list than New Orleans (or “Nawlins” – I like to say that just to annoy Jett). I finally got to remove it from the list on Saturday. Jett and I drove the […]

STE3 Hop 4: Duson LA to Waveland MS

STE3 Hop 4

175 miles via I-10, I-12 and MS 607. Cumulative tow miles: 754. Truck miles: 176. Cumlative truck miles: 879.

This hop, like the others on I-10 and I-12, was rough. There were some pretty long stretches that felt like we were riding on railroad ties. But it was also interesting. It […]

STE3 Hop 3: League City TX to Duson LA

210 miles via TX 96, TX 146 and I-10, with one minor screwup and a refueling stop. Cumulative tow miles: 579. Truck miles: 214. Cumulative truck miles: 703.

The minor screwup was due to following a sign for I-10 rather than listening to the GPS. We went about half a mile, turned back and returned […]

GTW Hop 15: Bossier City, LA, to Livingston, TX

176 miles via I-20, US 79 and 59 and TX 146. Cumulative distance: 2,359 miles.

GTW Hop 15: Bossier City LA to Livingston TX

This hop, except for the first 16 miles, was entirely on roads with traffic lights and crossing traffic. Jett didn’t like it at all, especially when the speed limit – […]

Bossier City, LA

Some stops – such as Hot Springs – turn out to be better than expected. Others – like Bossier City/Shreveport – balance that out by being disappointments. We were so unthrilled with Bossier City that we left after just one night, instead of the planned two.

Because I have so little to report on Bossier […]

GTW Hop 14: Hot Springs, AR, to Bossier City, LA

211 miles via US 70, I-30, AR 245 and 549, US 71 and I-20. Cumulative distance: 2,183 miles.

GTW Hop 14: Hot Springs AR to Bossier City LA

This hop was supposed to be just 190 miles, but I missed a turn which cost us another 20 miles. Oops. But, as Jett observed, if […]