Dining near Worcester

The clan at J&J

Yeah, we are in NY now, but I wanted to mention some of the places we ate at – both sit-down and takeout – while we were in Oakham. Because we had two exceptionally good meals and one exceptionally bad meal. I want to tell you about the great meals so […]

STW1 Hop 1: Oakham MA to Glenville NY

STW1 Hop 1

145 miles via MA 148, MA 67, MA 19, US 20, I-90, I-890 (near Schenectady) and NY 5. Cumulative tow miles: 145. Truck miles: 145. Cumulative truck miles: 145.

The hard part of this route was the 30-plus miles on local roads before we got to I-90. The roads were fine, […]

NET wrapup

Today is the last day of the New England Tour (NET). Time to look back.

By the numbers: 88 days in 8 different campgrounds. Towing miles: 471 over 7 hops. Cumulative truck miles: 4293. Campground fees: approximately $5,500 (about $62.50 per night). Yes, RV campsites in New England are expensive.


Seeing family. The NET […]

A visit from Liliani


I finally got to spend some time with my granddaughter, Liliani, on Saturday. It has been 10 months since I last saw her, which is certainly not because I didn’t want to see her; it was a negative consequence of our decision to wander around New England this summer. It wasn’t until we got […]

NET Hop 7: Littleton MA to Oakham MA

NET Hop 7

40 miles via MA 2A, MA 2, I-190, MA 31, MA 122A and MA 148. Cumulative tow miles: 471. Truck miles: 461. Cumulative truck miles: 3036.

Reinforced strut

We have been to Pine Acres Family Campground several times. We have stayed at Boston Minuteman Campground many times. But we have […]

The hidden cost of headstone hunting

I enjoy headstone hunting for several reasons:

It is a bit of a treasure hunt – I always feel great when I find an old headstone marking an ancestor’s gravesite. It is esthetically pleasing – most of the old cemeteries are quite scenic. It is free.

Well, almost free. As I discovered a couple of […]

NET Hop 3: Salisbury MA to Bridgewater NH

102 miles via US-1, NH 101, I-93.HN 104 and NH 3A. Cumulative tow miles: 231. Truck miles: 368. Cumulative truck miles: 1487.

This was an easy hop that took just under 2 hours. The most difficult part was US-1, which we took simply to avoid the toll (and the traffic) on I-95 entering NH. But […]

Salisbury Beach State Reservation

The beach

I had an hour to kill yesterday while Jett was napping, so I decided to run down to the Salisbury Beach State Reservation – just a half-mile away – to take a peek. The place was packed over the weekend with traffic backed up a half mile trying to get into the […]

NET Hop 2: Foxboro MA to Salisbury MA

NET Hop 2

91 miles via US-1, I-495 (around Boston), US-1 (again) and US-1A. Cumulative tow miles: 129. Truck miles: 245. Cumulative truck miles: 1119.

This was an easy, short hop with all but about 10 miles being on I-495. The weather was good and the traffic was moderate. A piece of cake.

Jett […]

Big Papi sighting

Big Papi

On Wednesday, when the skies started to clear, I traveled to Wayland MA with the hope of participating in a pick-up game with other senior softball players – a weekly event of the Eastern Massachusetts Senior Softball League (EMASS). Well, not enough players showed up for a game, so I just got […]