STE1 Hop 3: Huntington OR to Jerome ID

STE1 Hop 3

200 miles, almost totally on I-84. Cumulative tow miles: 634. Truck miles: 224. Cumulative truck miles: 674.

Another easy navigation hop: get on I-84 east, drive about 200 miles, get off. There was a bit of construction, but the delays were minimal. Weather was good, scenery was gorgeous. A very pleasant hop. […]

STE1 Hop 2: Boardman OR to Huntington OR

STE1 Hop 2

198 miles via I-84 and US 201. Cumulative tow miles: 437. Truck miles: 211. Cumulative truck miles: 450.

We started this hop at an elevation near 500′ and ended at 2100′. But in getting to Huntington we had a couple of heavy climbs, one topping out at over 4500′. It was a […]

STE1 Hop 1: Tillamook OR to Boardman OR

STE1 Hop 1

239 miles via US 101, OR 6, I-405 and I-5 (in Portland) and I-84 through the Columbia Gorge, with a refueling stop.

The drama of this hop is captured in the map above, which is incorrect. Google insisted, up until the moment we left Tillamook, that I-84 was closed through the Columbia […]

STW3 wrapup

The third and final segment of the Second Trip West ended at Tillamook OR. We spent 5 nights there at the Tillamook Bay City RV Park. This is a basic park that we chose because it was close to Tillamook and it had cable TV. Very good cable TV – like 90 channels. There were […]

STW3 Hop 7: Castle Rock WA to Tillamook OR

STW3 Hop 7

130 miles via I-5, WA 432, WA 433, US 30 and US 101. Cumulative tow miles: 1095. Truck miles: 212. Cumulative truck miles: 1361.

This was a relatively short hop and I thought it would be relatively flat. Wrong. A lot of up-and-down, starting with a steep 500-foot climb as soon as […]

Catching up: Memorial Day

Yes, it is July 6th and I am just now blogging about Memorial Day. Well,… I’ve been busy. And it is oh-so-hard getting those photos downloaded from the camera.

But first, just because you were wondering: yes, the repairs on the site’s electrical box were successful. We now, once again, have full 50A service. End […]

Happy 90th, Mom!

The weekend before we started the trek south I had the opportunity to fly coast-to-coast from Massachusetts to Oregon to visit my mother, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday, and my sister who… well, I won’t mention her age, but you can do the math. While there I also had the opportunity to enjoy some […]

GTW Hop 33: Canyonville, OR, to Redding, CA

211 miles via I-5. Cumulative distance: 5,824 miles.

GTW Hop 33: Canyonville OR to Redding CA

This was the reverse of Hop 29, except that we used a different RV park in Redding as a destination. The weather was bad, as usual, but not as bad as I expected. There were some sunny breaks […]

A winning day at the casino

Yes, it’s true: I won money yesterday at Seven Feathers! Nine cents. I was up by more than $70 at one point, but I got greedy and kept playing the slots. I love those penny games (which cost much more than a penny – don’t be fooled). I did have the good sense to quit […]

GTW Hop 32: North Bend, OR, to Canyonville, OR

100 miles via US 101, OR 42, OR 99 and I-5. Cumulative distance: 5,613 miles.

GTW Hop 32: North Bend OR to Canyonville OR

This was not the hop that I wanted to make. I really wanted to see the Oregon coast south of Coos Bay, which is reportedly very striking. But weather intervened. […]