STE3 Hop 3: League City TX to Duson LA

210 miles via TX 96, TX 146 and I-10, with one minor screwup and a refueling stop. Cumulative tow miles: 579. Truck miles: 214. Cumulative truck miles: 703.

The minor screwup was due to following a sign for I-10 rather than listening to the GPS. We went about half a mile, turned back and returned […]

Johnson Space Center

Lobby with Lunar Lander mockup

Apollo control room

Mars Rover

I used our day in League City to travel about 5 miles to the Space Center museum, adjacent to the Johnson Space Center. The Space Center is both a welcome center for tours of the Johnson Space Center and a museum containing some very […]

STE3 Hop 2: Aransas Pass TX to League City TX

STE3 Hop 2

186 miles, almost entirely on TX 35. Cumulative tow miles: 369. Truck miles: 191. Cumulative truck miles: 489.

This hop was more interesting than the previous two as it brushed the coast and had some nice causeways over two broad and very scenic bays. While it was just a state road, […]

STE3 Hop 1: Brownsville TX to Aransas Pass TX

STE3 Hop 1

183 miles via TX 511, I-69E, US 77, TX 44, TX 358, I-37 and TX 35. Cumulative tow miles: 183. Truck miles: 298. Cumulative truck miles: 298.

This was a truly boring ride. At least coming south, via US 281, there was some farm activity. Going north on US there was nothing […]

STE2 Hop 9: Rockport TX to Brownsville TX

STE2 Hop 9

247 miles via TX 35, US 181, I-37, US 77, I-2, US 83, FM 511 and local roads at each end and to find a gas station in San Jose TX. Cumulative tow miles: 1912. Truck miles: 460. Cumulative truck miles: 2390.

This was the worst hop of the trip. Why? Let […]

Rockport TX after Hurricane Harvey

Wrecked 5-story boat storage facility

Hurricane Harvey roared ashore at Rockport TX the evening of Aug 25, then raked the area for over a week with torrential rains and strong winds. Recovery is underway but even now, more than 2 months later, parts of Rockport look like the hurricane roared through last night. The […]

STE2 Hop 8: Austin TX to Rockport TX

STE2 Hop 8

212 miles via TX 620, TX 71, TX 210, US 183, TX 188 and some local roads, with a refueling stop. Cumulative tow miles: 1665. Truck miles: 367. Cumulative truck miles: 1930.

The refueling stop was unplanned and was due to remembering, too late – I was already hitched up – that […]

STE2 Hop 7: Corsicana TX to Austin TX

STE2 Hop 7

156 miles via TX 31, I-35 and TX 620. Cumulative tow miles: 1453. Truck miles: 165. Cumulative truck miles: 1563.

Texas is boring. There is no notable scenery. It really is a matter of putting in the time to get where you are going. Fortunately, this hop required only 3 hours of […]

STE2 Hop 6: Durant OK to Corsicana TX

STE2 Hop 6

157 miles via US 75, I-635, I-45 and TX 31 with a brief stop to figure out how we screwed up. Cumulative tow miles: 1297. Truck miles: 173. Cumulative truck miles: 1398.

This was another hop that didn’t exactly go as planned. I intended to take a route that used US 69 […]

GTW Hop 20: Pecos, TX, to Las Cruces, NM

253 miles via I-20 and I-10. Cumlative distance: 3,346 miles.

GTW Hop 20: Pecos TX to Las Cruces NM

We stayed one night at the TRAPark in Pecos. This is an Escapees Rainbow Park, but it is a mere shadow of Rainbow’s End. We missed the social hour, which is a shame, but we […]