Second Trip East (STE) preview

The Second Trip East (STE) will start in Tillamook OR and will terminate in Naples FL, out home for the winter (if anything is left after Hurricane Irma). It will pass through, among others, the four states that are missing from our map: Utah, Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. It then drops down to southeast Texas […]

Second Trip West (STW) preview

We are four days away from embarking on our second cross-country trip. This one will, like the first, include Tillamook OR as a stop, but, unlike the first trip (the Great Trip West or GTW), this time Tillamook will be the final destination. The route is designed to hit many of the states that we […]

Booked through Labor Day

I made our final summer campground reservation yesterday, so we now have a complete, confirmed itinerary through Labor Day:

Now – Jun 9: Foxboro (or Foxborough, take your pick) MA Jun 9 – Jun 19: Salisbury MA (Cape Ann) Jun 19 – Jun 22: Bridgewater NH (Escapees rally at Newfound Lake) Jun 22 – Jun […]

New England Tour (NET) Preview

New England Tour

The “New England Tour” is how we are describing our summer in New England. In previous years we stayed all summer in a fixed location – the Minuteman Campground in Littleton MA. This year we will stay at that campground for just 9 nights; we will travel to 7 other spots […]

And so it begins…

Ready to go

We will be leaving our home at Gulf Waters RV Resort in just a couple of hours. I have already mentioned how difficult this will be for us. We love this place and will miss it deeply. It is also the start of our first road trip without Grace and there […]

The plan for the Third Trip North (TTN)

The plan for the TTN

I previously described our plan for moving about New England this summer (i.e., the NET), but we need to get back to New England before we can begin executing that plan. So this describes our plan to get back north.

We will leave Ft Myers Beach on April 14 […]

The plan for the New England Tour (NET)

The New England Tour

In summers past we have picked one RV park in the Boston area and stayed there for the entire season. This has many advantages, most notably the ability to form friendships and get some significant discounts. But this year the season will be shorter as we will be leaving New […]

Early retirement in name only

I was laid off on September 2. It is now September 20. So I have had 18 days to settle in to the “do nothing” lifestyle. Except that, so far, retirement has been more demanding than work. Every day has been busy from dawn to dusk. Much of my time has been devoted to transitional […]

QTN Hop 1: Fort Myers, FL, to Biloxi, MS

The Quick Trip North (QTN) won’t be quite as quick at the Quick Trip South (QTS). We are doing it in 3 weeks instead of the 2 that got us to Florida last November. But we are taking a longer route – Florida to Massachusetts via Mississippi – and there will be some very long […]

Budget review

We have now completed two months of our semi-retirement and it is time once again to see how we are doing on sticking to the budget.

Not well.

The bottom line is that we have exceeded our budget by almost $6,000 – almost 38% more than we planned to spend. The largest component is in […]