NET Hop 3: Salisbury MA to Bridgewater NH

102 miles via US-1, NH 101, I-93.HN 104 and NH 3A. Cumulative tow miles: 231. Truck miles: 368. Cumulative truck miles: 1487.

This was an easy hop that took just under 2 hours. The most difficult part was US-1, which we took simply to avoid the toll (and the traffic) on I-95 entering NH. But […]

NET Hop 2: Foxboro MA to Salisbury MA

NET Hop 2

91 miles via US-1, I-495 (around Boston), US-1 (again) and US-1A. Cumulative tow miles: 129. Truck miles: 245. Cumulative truck miles: 1119.

This was an easy, short hop with all but about 10 miles being on I-495. The weather was good and the traffic was moderate. A piece of cake.

Jett […]

NET Hop 1: Plymouth MA to Foxboro MA

NET Hop 1

38 miles via (mostly) US 44, I-495 (around Boston) and US 1. Cumulative tow miles: 38. Cumulative truck miles: 874.

Outside of the 3 GTW hops that were made to get the RV to/from the repair shop in San Jose (28, 31 and 19 miles, respectively), this was our shortest hop […]

TTN Hop 8: Bristol CT to Plymouth MA

TTN Hop 8

161 miles via CT 229, I-84, CT 2, I-395 (toward Worcester), US 6, I-295 (around Providence), I-95, I-495 (around Boston) and US 44. Cumulative tow miles: 1672. Cumulative truck miles: 2184.

This was a relatively short hop (3.5 hours, including a short rest stop) along some roads that we have traveled […]

TTN Hop 7: White Haven PA to Bristol CT

TTN Hop 7

198 miles via I-80, I-380, PA 423, PA 191, PA 507, I-84 and CT 229. 198 miles. Cumulative tow miles: 1511. Cumulative truck miles: 1920.

Sconce-less fixture

Broken sconce

This hop was 198 miles and 75% of those miles – 149 miles – were on I-84. Which meant a […]

TTN Hop 6: Lorton VA to White Haven PA

TTN Hop 6

238 miles via I-95, I-495 (around DC), I-270, US 15, I-83, I-81 and I-80 with a refueling stop in MD. Cumulative tow miles: 1313. Cumulative truck miles: 1721.

Going through PA is the lesser of two evils: the other choice would be to go through NJ, which we will avoid at any […]

TTN Hop 5: Roanoke Rapids NC to Lorton VA

TTN Hop 5

182 miles via I-95 and local roads. Cumulative tow miles: 1075.

This was a simple trip up I-95 – a route that we have traveled several times before – so there was nothing new on the route. But it was, again, mostly in the rain, which made it a little more challenging. […]

TTN Hop 4: Myrtle Beach SC to Roanoke Rapids NC

Hitching up in the rain

244 miles via SC 544, US Business 501, US 701, NC 410, US 74 and I-95 with a refueling stop. Cumulative tow miles: 893. Cumulative truck miles: 1104.

There were a number of events and conditions that made this hop interesting, starting with the rain. It rained all day […]

TTN Hop 3: Richmond Hill GA to Myrtle Beach SC

211 miles via US 17, I-95, and US 17 again. Cumulative tow miles: 649. Cumulative truck miles: 819.

For the third straight hop Google and the GPS disagreed. In this case it was a pretty minor disagreement: whether to take I-526 around Charleston (Google) or follow US 17 all the way through (GPS). US 17 […]

TTN Hop 2: Ocala FL to Richmond Hill GA

TTN Hop 2

221 miles via I-75, US 301, I-10, I-295 (around Jacksonville), I-95, US 84 and US 17. Cumulative tow miles: 438

We have traveled most of this route before. Taking US 301 from Ocala to Jacksonville cuts off many miles from the I-75/I-10 route. It is a bit slower, perhaps, but not bad. […]