STE1 wrapup

Our one-night stay in Rawlins WY concluded the first segment of the STE. The segment by the numbers:

8 hops 17 nights 1605 tow miles 2033 truck miles $719.56 in campground fees ($42.33 per night)

This was not the segment that we planned. The planned versus the actual routes:

STE1 Plan

STE1 Actual


STE1 Hop 8: Silt CO to Rawlins WY

STE1 Hop 8

216 miles via I-70, CO 13, WY 789 and I-80. Cumulative tow miles: 1605. Truck miles: . Cumulative truck miles: 2026.

This was a “Plan B” hop. Plan A was to drive from Silt to Denver via I-70. But I scotched that plan after I took a close look at I-70. The […]

STE1 Hop 7: Moab UT to Silt CO

STE1 Hop 7

179 miles via UT 191 and I-70. Cumulative tow miles: 1389. Truck miles: 379. Cumulative truck miles: 1759.

The best thing about the trip to Moab was that the truck handled the load just fine. Every hop now increases my confidence that the truck repairs actually fixed the problem. Still, we […]

STE1 Hop 6: Salina UT to Moab UT

I-70 east near Devil’s Canyon. Scary.

199 miles via US 50, UT 24, UT 118, UT 120, I-70 and US 191. Cumulative tow miles: 1210. Truck miles: 236. Cumulative truck miles: 1380.

This hop was not in the original plan. The basic trip – Salina UT to Moab UT – was the result of chopping […]

STE1 Hop 5: North Salt Lake City UT to Salina UT

STE1 Hop 5

157 miles via I-15, UT 50 and local roads. Cumulative tow miles: 1011. Truck miles: 226. Cumulative truck miles: 1144.

This was not the hop that I planned because the truck failed us when we got to Salina. Everything was fine until I got to a stop sign where UT 50 […]

STE1 Hop 4: Jerome ID to North Salt Lake City UT

STE Hop 4

217 miles on I-84, I-15 and local roads, with a refueling stop. Cumulative tow miles: 854. Truck miles: 244. Cumulative truck miles: 918.

Again, easy navigation (Jett loves these hops!). Again, beautiful scenery. There were some climbs, but no overly taxing ones. So I really don’t understand why our gas mileage was […]

STE1 Hop 3: Huntington OR to Jerome ID

STE1 Hop 3

200 miles, almost totally on I-84. Cumulative tow miles: 634. Truck miles: 224. Cumulative truck miles: 674.

Another easy navigation hop: get on I-84 east, drive about 200 miles, get off. There was a bit of construction, but the delays were minimal. Weather was good, scenery was gorgeous. A very pleasant hop. […]

STE1 Hop 2: Boardman OR to Huntington OR

STE1 Hop 2

198 miles via I-84 and US 201. Cumulative tow miles: 437. Truck miles: 211. Cumulative truck miles: 450.

We started this hop at an elevation near 500′ and ended at 2100′. But in getting to Huntington we had a couple of heavy climbs, one topping out at over 4500′. It was a […]

STE1 Hop 1: Tillamook OR to Boardman OR

STE1 Hop 1

239 miles via US 101, OR 6, I-405 and I-5 (in Portland) and I-84 through the Columbia Gorge, with a refueling stop.

The drama of this hop is captured in the map above, which is incorrect. Google insisted, up until the moment we left Tillamook, that I-84 was closed through the Columbia […]

Second Trip East (STE) preview

The Second Trip East (STE) will start in Tillamook OR and will terminate in Naples FL, out home for the winter (if anything is left after Hurricane Irma). It will pass through, among others, the four states that are missing from our map: Utah, Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. It then drops down to southeast Texas […]