Green water

Green stain

We have been noticing, for several months, that our water had a greenish tint. Sometimes it was barely noticeable and other times it looked like green tea. I tried several times to identify the source of the green and tried to compare water coming out of the tap with water coming from the […]

Another fine (and very expensive) mess

When we paid up front for our winter RV site in Florida I expected that our out-of-pocket expenses would be relatively low for several months. Well, we killed that thought last month when we booked our very expensive April cruise, justifiable as a “bucket list” item. Now I am facing a huge truck repair bill […]

Truck maintenance nightmares – 2 of 2

After my “adventures” at DeVoe Buick GMC on Wednesday and Thursday I decided that I had better get the bad tires replaced ASAP. So on Friday I drove over to the Goodyear Collier Care Center just a few miles from our park. The instructions, though not trivial, were clear:

Put two new Goodyear Wrangler tires […]

Farewell to the Yaris


We bought the Yaris in Nov 2013, shortly after we arrived in Ft Myers for our first Florida winter. It had become obvious that Jett was not comfortable driving the truck, so another vehicle was necessary. We considered leasing and even renting, but decided that purchasing would be the most economical option.

We had […]

Things I don’t understand, wifi edition

We are staying in a place (Interior, SD) with almost no Verizon service. It takes minutes to get or send a text message. If a call is received (and Jett’s phone did ring once), the call is immediately dropped. I can’t use the internet on my phone. My phone’s hotspot is 100% dead. So why […]

Spare tire

The spare tire on the truck is a form of insurance: you hope you will never need it, but just knowing it is there eases some worries. But, unlike insurance, you also have to make sure it is in shape to be used. This is a lesson that is usually learned the hard way, by […]

NET wrapup

Today is the last day of the New England Tour (NET). Time to look back.

By the numbers: 88 days in 8 different campgrounds. Towing miles: 471 over 7 hops. Cumulative truck miles: 4293. Campground fees: approximately $5,500 (about $62.50 per night). Yes, RV campsites in New England are expensive.


Seeing family. The NET […]

Transponder use

We have had a transponder, used to pay tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike and other MA toll roads, for nearly 10 years. Over time the region in which the transponder can be used has grown and now covers most of the northeast. We can now automatically pay tolls when driving the Yaris anywhere between Massachusetts […]

A visit from Liliani


I finally got to spend some time with my granddaughter, Liliani, on Saturday. It has been 10 months since I last saw her, which is certainly not because I didn’t want to see her; it was a negative consequence of our decision to wander around New England this summer. It wasn’t until we got […]

Rain. Cold rain.

It is raining now. It has been raining steadily since midnight. The forecast is for an all-day rain. With a forecast high of 48.

It has rained nearly every day since we left Virginia. And it has been unseasonably cold, too. It is getting to us.

Jett yesterday: “Next year let’s come north later.”

That […]