STW1 Hop 5: Streetsboro OH to New Hudson MI

STW1 Hop 5

216 miles via I-480 (south of Cleveland), OH 176, I-90, OH 2, I-280 (east of Toledo), I-75, I-275 (west of Detroit) and I-96. Cumulative tow miles: 1003. Truck miles: 303. Cumulative truck miles: 1576.

This was a relatively easy hop, aided by flat, mostly divided highway. Door-to-door travel time was just […]

STW1 Hop 4: Grand Island NY to Streetsboro OH

STW1 Hop 4

236 miles via I-190 (north of Buffalo), NY 5, I-90, I-271 (west of Cleveland) and I-480 (west of Cleveland). Cumulative tow miles: 787. Truck miles: 340. Cumulative truck miles: 1273.

This was supposed to be an easy hop – one almost entirely on interstate highways. But I opted to travel almost 30 […]

STW1 Hop 3: Clayton NY to Grand Island NY

STW1 Hop 3

238 miles via NY 12, I-81, NY 104, NY 390, I-490 (west of Rochester), I-90, I-290 (around Buffalo) and I-190. Cumulative tow miles: 551. Truck miles: 270. Cumulative truck miles: 933.

This was the longest – both in terms of distance and time (almost 5 hours) – of any hop we have […]

STW1 Hop 2: Glenville NY to Clayton NY

STW1 Hop 2

168 miles via NY 5, NY 67, NY 29, NY 28 and NY 12. Cumulative tow miles: 313. Truck miles: 518. Cumulative truck miles: 663.

Jett hated this hop. It was entirely on local roads, most of them with a lot of up-and-down and sharp curves. Every time the GPS said “winding […]

STW1 Hop 1: Oakham MA to Glenville NY

STW1 Hop 1

145 miles via MA 148, MA 67, MA 19, US 20, I-90, I-890 (near Schenectady) and NY 5. Cumulative tow miles: 145. Truck miles: 145. Cumulative truck miles: 145.

The hard part of this route was the 30-plus miles on local roads before we got to I-90. The roads were fine, […]

NET wrapup

Today is the last day of the New England Tour (NET). Time to look back.

By the numbers: 88 days in 8 different campgrounds. Towing miles: 471 over 7 hops. Cumulative truck miles: 4293. Campground fees: approximately $5,500 (about $62.50 per night). Yes, RV campsites in New England are expensive.


Seeing family. The NET […]

NET Hop 7: Littleton MA to Oakham MA

NET Hop 7

40 miles via MA 2A, MA 2, I-190, MA 31, MA 122A and MA 148. Cumulative tow miles: 471. Truck miles: 461. Cumulative truck miles: 3036.

Reinforced strut

We have been to Pine Acres Family Campground several times. We have stayed at Boston Minuteman Campground many times. But we have […]

NET Hop 6: Northwood NH to Littleton MA

NET Hop 6

69 miles via NH 43, NH 101, I-93, I-495 (around Boston) and MA 3A. Cumulative tow miles: 431. Truck miles: 545. Cumulative truck miles: 2575.

This was a very easy, quick hop. I actually expected the traffic to be brutal as I thought many people would have been ending a week-long […]

NET Hop 5: Wells ME to Northwood NH

NET Hop 5

47 miles via US-1, I-95, US 4 and NH 43. Cumulative tow miles: 362. Truck miles: 426. Cumulative truck miles: 2030.

This wasn’t the shortest route, but it was the easiest route. The other routes involved some sharp turns and traversing dense residential areas. The chosen route was mostly 4-lane highway. […]

NET Hop 4: Bridgewater NH to Wells ME

NET Hop 4

84 miles via NH 3A, NH 104, NH 106, NH 11, NH 108, NH 236, ME 9 and ME 109. Cumulative tow miles: 315. Truck miles: 117. Cumulative truck miles: 1604.

On paper this should have been a quick, easy trip. Goolgle said it would take 2 hours and the roads, […]