NET Hop 3: Salisbury MA to Bridgewater NH

102 miles via US-1, NH 101, I-93.HN 104 and NH 3A. Cumulative tow miles: 231. Truck miles: 368. Cumulative truck miles: 1487.

This was an easy hop that took just under 2 hours. The most difficult part was US-1, which we took simply to avoid the toll (and the traffic) on I-95 entering NH. But […]

NET Hop 2: Foxboro MA to Salisbury MA

NET Hop 2

91 miles via US-1, I-495 (around Boston), US-1 (again) and US-1A. Cumulative tow miles: 129. Truck miles: 245. Cumulative truck miles: 1119.

This was an easy, short hop with all but about 10 miles being on I-495. The weather was good and the traffic was moderate. A piece of cake.

Jett […]

NET Hop 1: Plymouth MA to Foxboro MA

NET Hop 1

38 miles via (mostly) US 44, I-495 (around Boston) and US 1. Cumulative tow miles: 38. Cumulative truck miles: 874.

Outside of the 3 GTW hops that were made to get the RV to/from the repair shop in San Jose (28, 31 and 19 miles, respectively), this was our shortest hop […]

TTN Hop 8: Bristol CT to Plymouth MA

TTN Hop 8

161 miles via CT 229, I-84, CT 2, I-395 (toward Worcester), US 6, I-295 (around Providence), I-95, I-495 (around Boston) and US 44. Cumulative tow miles: 1672. Cumulative truck miles: 2184.

This was a relatively short hop (3.5 hours, including a short rest stop) along some roads that we have traveled […]

TTN Hop 7: White Haven PA to Bristol CT

TTN Hop 7

198 miles via I-80, I-380, PA 423, PA 191, PA 507, I-84 and CT 229. 198 miles. Cumulative tow miles: 1511. Cumulative truck miles: 1920.

Sconce-less fixture

Broken sconce

This hop was 198 miles and 75% of those miles – 149 miles – were on I-84. Which meant a […]

TTN Hop 6: Lorton VA to White Haven PA

TTN Hop 6

238 miles via I-95, I-495 (around DC), I-270, US 15, I-83, I-81 and I-80 with a refueling stop in MD. Cumulative tow miles: 1313. Cumulative truck miles: 1721.

Going through PA is the lesser of two evils: the other choice would be to go through NJ, which we will avoid at any […]

TTN Hop 5: Roanoke Rapids NC to Lorton VA

TTN Hop 5

182 miles via I-95 and local roads. Cumulative tow miles: 1075.

This was a simple trip up I-95 – a route that we have traveled several times before – so there was nothing new on the route. But it was, again, mostly in the rain, which made it a little more challenging. […]

Lakewood Camping Resort, Myrtle Beach SC


We are three days into our 4-day stay at the Lakewood Camping Resort in Myrtle Beach SC. We paid a bit extra for an “oceanfront” site, meaning that we are the closest RV to the ocean. But it doesn’t mean that we can see the ocean; there is an 8-foot-high sand berm between […]

Savannah South KOA

Swimming swan

Our home for the past four days has been the Savannah South KOA in Richmond Hill GA. Our primary concern in getting a place near Savannah is to be near Savannah, so we really didn’t look closely at the amenities of this park before we booked it. But it was a surprise. We […]

TTN Hop 1: Ft Myers Beach FL to Ocala FL

217 miles via I-75, FL 80, FL 31, US 17, US 98, US 301, I-75 (again) and US 27

TTN Hop 1

There are times when the Google map route and the GPS route just don’t jibe, for no apparent reason, and this was one of those times. Google very clearly preferred taking FL […]