STE3 wrapup

STE3 Actual

By the numbers:

9 hops 16 nights 1608 tow miles 2103 truck miles $687.65 in campground fees ($42.98 per night)

The actual route included two stops that differed from the plan and had some minor detours and changes in route, but otherwise went as planned.


The Johnson Space Center in Houston. […]

STE3 Hop 9: Sarasota FL to Naples FL

STE3 Hop 9

124 miles via I-75, FL 84 and US 41, with a slight detour near the Ft Myers airport. Cumulative tow miles: 1608. Truck miles: 128. Cumulative truck miles: 2103.

Thus endeth the Second Trip East (STE). The last hop was short and almost uneventful. The minor event was a stop to check […]

STE3 Hop 8: Cedar Key FL to Sarasota FL

184 miles via FL 24, US 98, I-75 and FL 780. Cumulative tow miles: 1484. Truck miles: 205. Cumulative truck miles: 1975.

STE3 Hop 8

Our penultimate hop (I love that word!). It was a 3-hour jaunt, the first half on US 98 and the second half on I-75. It is a route we have […]

STE3 Hop 7: Port Saint Joe FL to Cedar Key FL

STE3 Hop 7

217 miles via US 98, US 319, FL 345 and FL 24, with a refueling stop. Cumulative tow miles: 1300. Truck miles: 269. Cumulative truck miles: 1770.

Pelicans at sunset

Usually our refueling stops occur about 150 to 180 miles into the hop. This one occurred 24 miles into the hop. […]

STE3 Hop 6: Orange Beach AL to Port Saint Joe FL

STE3 Hop 6

176 miles via AL 161, AL 182, FL 292 and US 98. Cumulative tow miles: 1083. Truck miles: 281. Cumulative truck miles: 1501.

Shrimp and grits at The Diner

Jett hated this route. I chose it because it was mostly on US 98 which I liked a lot, based on my […]

STE3 Hop 5: Waveland MS to Orange Beach AL

STE3 Hop 5

153 miles via US 90, MS 43, I-10, AL 59 and the Foley Beach Express. Cumulative miles: 907. Truck miles: 341. Cumulative truck miles: 1220.

We don’t normally go on toll roads, but in this case it seemed like a good thing to do: by paying a $4.25 toll to use the […]

STE3 Hop 4: Duson LA to Waveland MS

STE3 Hop 4

175 miles via I-10, I-12 and MS 607. Cumulative tow miles: 754. Truck miles: 176. Cumlative truck miles: 879.

This hop, like the others on I-10 and I-12, was rough. There were some pretty long stretches that felt like we were riding on railroad ties. But it was also interesting. It […]

STE3 Hop 3: League City TX to Duson LA

210 miles via TX 96, TX 146 and I-10, with one minor screwup and a refueling stop. Cumulative tow miles: 579. Truck miles: 214. Cumulative truck miles: 703.

The minor screwup was due to following a sign for I-10 rather than listening to the GPS. We went about half a mile, turned back and returned […]

STE3 Hop 2: Aransas Pass TX to League City TX

STE3 Hop 2

186 miles, almost entirely on TX 35. Cumulative tow miles: 369. Truck miles: 191. Cumulative truck miles: 489.

This hop was more interesting than the previous two as it brushed the coast and had some nice causeways over two broad and very scenic bays. While it was just a state road, […]

STE3 Hop 1: Brownsville TX to Aransas Pass TX

STE3 Hop 1

183 miles via TX 511, I-69E, US 77, TX 44, TX 358, I-37 and TX 35. Cumulative tow miles: 183. Truck miles: 298. Cumulative truck miles: 298.

This was a truly boring ride. At least coming south, via US 281, there was some farm activity. Going north on US there was nothing […]