STE1 Hop 2: Boardman OR to Huntington OR

STE1 Hop 2

STE1 Hop 2

198 miles via I-84 and US 201. Cumulative tow miles: 437. Truck miles: 211. Cumulative truck miles: 450.

We started this hop at an elevation near 500′ and ended at 2100′. But in getting to Huntington we had a couple of heavy climbs, one topping out at over 4500′. It was a more strenuous hop than I had expected.

But the weather was fine and the road (I-84) was very smooth, unlike the I-84 in CT that we detest. And there was a conveniently placed rest stop on the first climb, just east of Pendleton, at the ominously named Deadman’s Pass.

This pass appears on the list of “most dangerous roads” in America. It wasn’t all that dangerous in good weather, but I sure wouldn’t want to traverse it in snow.

But it did have a nice view.

View from Deadman's Pass

View from Deadman’s Pass

Our home for one night in Boardman OR was the Driftwood RV Resort. This was an interesting park in certain respects. Most notably, it had an indoor pool – just the 4th park we have found with that amenity. It also had flies, which were really annoying. On the morning of our departure I killed over 20 flies inside the RV. I don’t know how they got in as I have never had that problem before or since. Maybe through the seams in the slides?

We were happy that we didn’t stay longer. Because of the flies we would probably avoid this park in the future.

Another view from Deadman's Pass

Another view from Deadman’s Pass

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