STE3 Hop 8: Cedar Key FL to Sarasota FL

184 miles via FL 24, US 98, I-75 and FL 780. Cumulative tow miles: 1484. Truck miles: 205. Cumulative truck miles: 1975.

STE3 Hop 8

STE3 Hop 8

Our penultimate hop (I love that word!). It was a 3-hour jaunt, the first half on US 98 and the second half on I-75. It is a route we have traveled before and the weather was cloudy with occasional drizzle, so it was mostly a matter of covering the miles while we listened to our audiobook.

But there was one minor incident. At a stoplight in Crystal River a guy in a pickup pulled up next to me, motioned me to roll down my window and informed me that our left rear stop lights were not working. We pulled into a parking lot a few blocks later and checked it out. Sure enough, no brake lights on the left side. I jiggled the umbilical and they came back on. That was a first – running a successful light check before starting but having the lights fail anyway.

Our home in Cedar Key was the Cedar Key RV Resort. This was a very nice medium-sized park with nice landscaping and a LOT of dog owners. Rusty met a lot of canine friends. Our site was a very spacious pull-through at the end of a row, so we had an unobstructed view of woods out our living room window. Good cable TV. Daily pickup of both trash and recyclables. We liked this campground and would return.

I made a quick trip into Cedar Key itself, about 7 miles from the campground. Not very interesting. A nice beachfront town, but ho-hum. I saw nothing there that would make me come back.

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