Our next cruise adventure

Oosterdam itineraryJett yesterday: “How did we start with a 7-day cruise and end up with a 27-day cruise?”

Yes, we booked a 27-day cruise yesterday, characterized by Jett as “the cruise of a lifetime.”  And since we had already blown our “budget” by choosing to go at all, we decided that we might as well go in comfort and booked a Signature Suite.  We will have nearly 4 full weeks cruising, first, the Atlantic and then 16 ports in 8 countries in the Mediterranean.  We will get to check some very fascinating places off of our bucket lists: Lisbon, Barcelona, Marseille, Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome (maybe), Naples, Corfu, Dubrovnik and, most importantly, Venice.  We will stay a total of 3 nights in Venice, then fly home.  Total trip duration: 30 days.

The original plan was to cruise for 7 nights in the Caribbean. Then we started thinking how nice it would be to do back-to-back 7 night cruises on the same ship (Jett always liked the idea of waving goodbye to the other passengers while we stayed on board). Then, since we were talking about 14 nights I started looking at Panama Canal cruises. And because my sister has always spoken highly of transatlantic cruises, I took a peek at the 12- to 14-day cruises to Europe. And then I saw the 27-day cruise to Venice…

Damn! How cool would that be, to board the ship in Florida and disembark in Venice? Answer: very, very cool.

So, by making a deal with myself to actually work this summer, to offset some of the cost, I succumbed to the temptation.

A 27-day cruise! Can’t wait!

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