Another fine (and very expensive) mess

When we paid up front for our winter RV site in Florida I expected that our out-of-pocket expenses would be relatively low for several months.  Well, we killed that thought last month when we booked our very expensive April cruise, justifiable as a “bucket list” item.  Now I am facing a huge truck repair bill – probably around $2,500.

Yes, I took the truck to another dealer, asking them to take a look at my “leaning tire.”  The guy at the Goodyear shop had estimated that I needed about $800 in parts, so I was braced for a $1,200 to $1,500 estimate.  But I was told by the GMC dealer that the problem was not limited to the right front tire; the left front tire was leaning as well.  Also, the steering gear box was leaking and needed to be replaced.  In short, I needed to pretty much replace the entire steering linkage. Estimated cost: $2,100. Plus tax. Plus, I suspect, about $100 for another alignment.

I have to do it.  Just as there was no good alternative to replacing the head gasket 18 months ago, there is no good alternative to making repairs to the steering now.  We need a tow vehicle and a new one is over $60,000.  Even a used one is probably $35,000.  Trade-in for the truck in it’s current condition is probably less than $10,000.

Gotta do it.

And I need to find a summer job.

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  • Nancy Haskell

    Have u considered an extended warrantee on your truck..They run about $1500-2000. But it beats these high repair costs. We would never buy a used vehicle without one

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